where it all began...

Charlie Nesbitt is a larger than life 14-year-old from Swindon in Wiltshire. Charlie’s racing career started on mini-motos when he was just 6-years-old and by 2009 he had clinched three British Championship titles. in 2010, Charlie quickly got to grips with a 50cc geared race bike, winning three out of eight races to finish third in the British Championship.


As Charlie’s skill and expertise grew he graduated to a 70cc machine, aboard which as a rookie he finished runner up in the 2010 British Championship, before going on to also finish third in the closely contested Catalan Championship in Spain the following season.


In 2013 Charlie finished third on his debut season in the Thundersport Aprilia Superteens series, racing against rivals boasting many years more experience. The 14-year-old Swindon youngster also won the Nitro Newcomers Class with three races of the season remaining winning every race that he finished.


From the start of his career Charlie has surpassed the expectations of everyone, with his growing reputation and skill earning him the nickname back then of “Pocket Rocket”.