About me...

I go to Royal Wootton Basset school and racing is my life. My favourite food is sweet and sour chicken with rice. I train with MFN (Maxwell Fitness and Nutrition) twice a week. Born in Swindon and still live in Swindon. I'm 15 years old. I love to go to Swindon karting every Sunday and Monday night for minimoto night and pitbike night. I'm 5ft 3in tall.
I love getting out on my mountain bike and taking on new challenges.
I dunk Wotsits into cola -  try it!

strong support...

As well as having the experienced team Redline racing/E3 Motorsport

crew in my corner, I will also benefit from the backing and assistance of moto gp rider, and british grand prix race winner, Scott Redding.


Scott Redding will be on hand to offer me advice and guidance throughout 2016, to ensure that I have the opportunity to realise my full potential during my debut British Championship season.

All too often we see youngsters leave the sport because they simply don’t have the funding to progress to the next level, or they get little
or no advice when they do make the step up. Charlie has the talent to succeed and now he also has the chance to showcase that talent in
the British Championship. I’m happy to be able to give him this opportunity, and to help him realise his full potential